Deposits: Thrift Deposit, Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit, Savings Deposit, Safe Deposit Lockers

Loans: Ordinary Loan, Sahakara Spoorthy Special Loan, Emergency Loan, Article Loan, Deposit Loan

To encourage the Members in Thrift and Savings and at the same time to make the Society a self – reliant one, Society introduced two types of Deposit Schemes — Compulsory Deposit A/Cs, Optional Deposit A/Cs.

Thrift Account
Sahakara sopaanam

Rate of Interest 9% P.A
Deduction from salary
Yearly Cumulative.
Cumpulsory Thrift of Rs.1000.
Voluntary Thrift upto Rs.10000.
Thrift can be closed at member retirement or transfer.


Savings Account
Sahakara podupu

Rate of Interest 4% P.A
Unlimited deposits and withdrawals.
Withdrawals through SBI Cheque.
A convenient and safe experience.
Transaction timings 9am to 5pm.
An account that delights and easy banking.

Recurring Deposit
Sahakara Vriddhi

Rate of Interest 8.50% P.A
1 Yr & upto 5 Years.
All members are eligible.
Ideal for children education, LIC payments and holiday packages.
Opportunity to Save through monthly deposit.


Fixed Deposit
Sahakara Shakti

Fixed Deposit ROI @ 7.75% ( 6 Months and below 1 Year) for Above 55 Years.
Fixed Deposit ROI @ 7.50% ( 6 Months and below 1 Year) for Below 55 Years.

Ordinary Loans
Sahakara Mithra

Rate of Interest 9.50% P.A
It is a Monthly Diminishing Loan.
Max Rs.200000 for Max 84 Months.
2 Sureties is required.

Emergency Loan

Rate of Interest 11.1% P.A
It is a Monthly Diminishing Loan.
Max Rs.60000 for Max 20 Months.
1 Surety is required.

Sahakara Spoorthy
Special Loan

Rate of Interest 10.50% P.A
It is a Monthly Diminishing Loan.
Max Rs.800000 for Max 120 Months.
2 Sureties is required.

Safe Deposit Lockers
Sahakara Suraksha

Caution Deposit Rs.10000.
Documentation Charges Rs.120.
Annual Rent Rs.100.
Locker Size:125x175x492mm.